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Indian contemporary art is growing at rapid pace and has come of an age.investment in art is considered as a safest method on a long term basis(say three years and above).art is the only commodity apart from gold and diamond ,which is giving steady returns.if good paintings by famous or upcoming artists are picked up and retained for over 3 to 5 years.such investment has given more than 100% returns.since organised art market in india is growing at a fast pace a portion of savings could be made.a number of financial institutes and business houses have come out with art funds. Such funds operate with money from selected investors and utilise the same to buy art objects. Such objects are displayed on prominent art galleries for sale or auction.thus art & sculpture is now recognised as a golden key for wealth creation on a medium to long term basis.compared to the investment in the volatile share market or the mutual funds, the investments in art and sculpture is considered safe with sizeable returns,when sold.

Before beginning investment in the art world, a constant watch on the works being displayed by prominent galleries or institutions should be observed.collect enough information by carefully reading art books , catalogues , communications with artists,art teachers,online websites so that decision could be made on merit,popularity of artists,and art critics.

There are certain salient points to be considered for art investments as under:

Selection of art object if found attractive at first sight.
Purchase of art works from galleries may be costly,however look out such artworks from studios of  budding artists.
Hard earned money should be invested in geniue artworks for which anthenticity certificate from  artist should be obtained.
Try to buy a piece of art which is not available in most of art shows.
Modest start should be made with prints,pencil sketches of senior artists and slowly move to  oil/acrylic paintings on canvas from renowned artists.
Buy bigger works from unknown artists,who have potentiality to be in long run.
Owning an art object has an intrinsic value which will enhance social importance and wealth over a  period of time.



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